Space Launch Instrumentation

Photo-Sonics International Ltd is partnering with two very experienced manufactures to offer Flight Test Instrumentation for your successful Space Launch.

Safran Data Systems bring 50 years experience in space control & command, instrumentation, telemetry, and safety.  Customers include the Ariane Group, NASA, NCES, Airbus Defence and Space, Space X and RocketLab.

Kappa Optronics have used 40 plus years camera experience  to bring us the SE-320 Ethernet video camera designed specifically for the harsh environment of a space launch and for use in vacuums.

Data Acquisition Unit (CMA)

A robust and modular DAU for launch vehicle and missile test applications from SAFRAN Data Systems.

Kappa SE320 Space Eye

Kappa Optronics Space Eye (SE-320)

A versatile Full HD Camera Kit developed for use on Research Rockets, Launch Vehicles, Carrier Rockets and Satellites.

S-Band Telemetry Transmitters

Reliably transmit launch and flight test telemetry data to a ground station.

Ground Telemetry

Tracking telemetry antenna, receivers, ground station recorders, and display solutions from SAFRAN Data Systems.