6115G-8S Series of Miniature GPS Synchronised IRIG B Time Code Generator

EON ITS Time Code Generator model 6115G-8SA

Time Code Generator model 6115G-8SA


The Model 6115G-8 GPS Synchronised Miniature Time Code Generator provides an IRIG B time code output derived from GPS. The time code output is synchronised with UTC time unless a time offset has been programmed. A twelve channel GPS receiver automatically acquires all in-view satellites upon power up and locks an internal IRIG B time code generator to the GPS time reference. If the GPS lock is lost the 6115G-8 will automatically switch to an internal clock and continue generating the output IRIG B signal.

All controls, connectors and indicators are on the front panel.



General Features

  • Twelve Channel GPS Receiver.

  • IRIG B time reference input.

  • UTC time mark output.

  • RS-232C serial port.

  • Event trigger input.

  • Batter backed up internal clock maintains time during power loss.

  • Includes a built in webserver for remote setup and monitor status remote setup.

  • Outputs Time, Latitude & Longitude via serial port (NMEA output format optional).

  • Time offset input via serial port.

  • Non-Volatile Memory.


Available in the following variants; Mil Qualified (6115G-8S), Mil Qualified TCG w/NEMA GGA output (6115G-8S-N), Mil Qualified IRIG B TCG (6115G-8SA), and Mil Qualified TCG w/NEMA GGA (6115G-8SA-N).

Model Feature
IRIG B122 Output IRIG B002 Output NMEA 0183
GGA sentences via serial port.
NMEA 0183
GSA sentences via serial port.

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