6055C-nGHD series HD Video and Data Inserter

6055C-nGHD series HD Video and Data Inserter


The 6055C-nGHD series is an high precision multi-channel HD-SDI video insertion system designed for test range applications. This system decodes time from an incoming GPS signal and inserts IRIG-B time code into the image and the metadata of each image frame.

The series is available in two, four, six, eight or ten channel variants (the n in the model number being replaced by the number of channels).

In addition to the IRIG-B time code, text, a fixed and movable crosshair in a range of colours, can also be overlayed. With KL option, the unit can insert up to two KLV metadata packets/frame of your design on any HD-SDI video stream. Time is sampled precisely on each vertical sync to an accuracy of 3±2 µS with respect to the time reference. The 6055C-nGHD may also be commanded to insert time (or read) in VANC ancillary metadata packets formatted as a Microsecond Timestamp in accordance with MISB 605.3.

Each video channel operates independently and can timestamp incoming video, insert channel specific metadata and overlay text separately and synchronized to their respective video sources.

Any channel will automatically synchronize to 480i, 576i, 720p or 1080i/p ITU BT.709 4:2:2 imaging format 25, 29.97,30,50 and 59.94 and 60 fields/frames per second. Time and text may overlaid anywhere in the active video area and may be set to one of 8 colours. End-to-end processing introduces a latency of less than 2 µseconds.

The time reference is derived from internal GPS receiver (option for RO units) or external IRIG B time code source. If the GPS or IRIG lock is lost the unit continues to run on an internal disciplined crystal clock. A Stratum 3 option reduces free-run time drift to less than 5 µseconds/hour.

General Features:

  • SMPTE 259M, 292M, 424M (3G) Compliant
  • Recording and overlay of GPS/IRIG-B time code with 1 µsec resolution
  • Auto detection of incoming image format
  • Generation of programmable crosshair
  • 2-, 4- ,8- , and 10-channel models all available as standard

Additional Features:

The 6055C-nGHD has additional features specifically suited to range applications, they are as follows:

  • Output of a SMPTE compliant sync pulse for accurate time and frame synchronisation of up to 10 HD-SDI video cameras

  • Internal Stratum 3 oven controlled oscillator for independent operation (4 µsec / hour drift)

  • Additional KLV packets are available for recording of external range data up to 1.7 MBytes/sec

  • Can decode and record pedestal data from Contraves KTM optical tracking mounts

  • SDI switching module allows for recording of original video with metadata and transmission of same video with data overlaid for monitoring

Thus the 6055C-nGHD can be configured as a multi-channel HD video channel recording and support system as shown below.


ITS 6055C-2GHD-KT-KL-SW-CD-S system schematic

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