Kappa Flight Eye FE-320

Kappa Optronics Flight Eye


FE-320 - The First all-in-one Video Imaging kit for Flight Test Instrumentation Purposes

The Full HD Flight Eye Camera Kit FE 320 has been developed in close cooperation with major OEM aviation clients, so we could totally focus on the customer requirements and tasks from the beginning. The result is a very expandable modular design for maximum flexibility on-site: just plug the modules together as needed with no preparation required. The system is designed to fit perfectly into an Ethernet-based FTI architecture with PTP time stamp at source.

Connect to an MVCRE-8 module to record on with the MDR series of flight data recorders.

Key Functional Specifications:

  • Components FE 320 - CSU (Camera Sensor Unit), CEU (Camera Electronic Unit), CPE (Camera Power Extension, optional),smart wire (optional), heater (optional) Sensor. Exchangeable heads
  • CSU Sensor - IMX252 (Sony) Type
  • CMOS Shutter - global Color RGB
  • Optical format - 1/1.8” Number of pixels (H xV) 2048 x 1536 pixels Pixel size (H x V) 3.45 μm x 3.45 μm Image size (H x V) Full HD1080p: 6.62 mm x 3.73 mm; diagonal 7.6 mm (1/2.35")
  • Interface - Data interface Gigabit Ethernet (GigEVision 2.0) Control interface GenICam, XML File, option: SferiRec ® (FE 320 LCR)
  • Memory - internal SD-Card for loop recording
  • Video stream - RTP/RTSP unicast/multicast, GVSP unicast/multicast
  • Trigger - external hardware trigger, software trigger
  • Compression - H.264, 1-16 Mbit/s, dual compression, High Profile (Level 5)
  • Time synchronization - PTPV2 (IEEE1588)
  • Image resolution - up to 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD1080p)
  • Frame rate - adjustable from 5 fps to 200 fps depending on resolution and imager type up to 1080p60/ 720p120/ 360p200
  • Latency - < 150 ms @ 60 fps
  • Software - SDK X, KCC X, IP Configurator, Software Update tool.

For more technical details, contact a member of the team at Photo-Sonics International Ltd.

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