F-16 HUD Cameras

F16A/B/ADF HUD Camera

F16A/B/ADF HUD Camera:

This Colour Video HUD Camera is an intelligent mix of Mil-Standard and commercial-off-the-shelf components and operates successfully on F-16A/B/ADF HUDs. The camera system provides the unique features and reliability of a full Mil-Standard camera without the high cost. The camera assembly is mounted on top of the HUD directly behind the combining glass so that it records precisely what the pilot sees including the outside world and the HUD symbology. The camera converts the optical images into electrical video signals for output to an on-board video recorder or transmitter. The camera electronics incorporate extensive filtering to provide exceptional, noise-free, image quality using aircraft power.

General Features:

• EXPOSURE LOCK - Maintains proper exposure of target during pull up.
• EVENT MARK - Gray for both day and night operation - can be quickly disabled for installations that utilize a VCR having the event mark incorporated.
• HIGH RESOLUTION - Up to 470 Lines.
• AUTOMATIC EXPOSURE CONTROL - 19 f-stop dynamic range.
• AUTOMATIC GAIN CONTROL - 3 f-stop dynamic range.
• EASY MAINTENANCE - Output signals are available on the single interface camera connector which can fault isolate down to the SRU without the need to disassemble camera.
• POWER - Built-in circuitry to enable power supply on PCB to be changed from 115 VAC to 28 VDC.

F16C/D HUD Camera

F16C/D HUD Camera:

The unit is a form, fit and function replacement for the legacy camera. No aircraft modifications are necessary and no special interface cable is required for installation into aircraft using the single-piece camera. The existing aircraft connectors and mounting provisions are used. The single-piece design eliminates the need for the remote Electronic Unit (EU).

The camera assembly is mounted on the HUD in front of the dual combiners. In this position, the camera records only the outside world. The HUD symbology is electronically overlaid on the camera video in the HUD Electronic Unit. A precision periscope/lens assembly permits accurate boresighting with the aircraft computer resulting in minimal piper-to-target alignment errors. A simplified alignment procedure is included in the manual

General Features:

• 85 to 265VAC, 47-440 Hz, single phase.
• Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)
• Visual event mark (day and night)
• Sensor: Interline-transfer hyper HAD CCD, 1/2”
• Horizontal resolution: NTSC - 470 TV lines
• Picture elements: NTSC - 768(h) x 494(v)
• Sensitivity - 2000 Lux at f/5.6
• S/N ratio: Camera Video - NTSC -48dB
• Shutter speeds:1/60th second, flickerless, and CCD iris
• Gamma - 0.45
• White balance - ATW
• AGC - off
• Weight - less than 2 lbs.
• MTBF: 30,000 hours

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