Rotor Telemetry for e-Drive Temperature Testing

23rd April 2021:

Telemetry systems for accurate and reliable temperature measurement in high-speed e-Drive motors:

  • Typical applications are testing of permanent magnet rotor temperature in eDrive test rigs, bearing and seal test rigs, automotive crank shafts, electric motors or any other application with accessible rotor shaft end.

  • The compact telemetry module is attached directly to the test stand's rotor and does not require any complicated bearing assembly or lubrication as usually needed for traditional sliprings.

  • Due to the wireless data and power transmission the system is free of wear and makes it suitable for continuous long-term operation at very high speed.

  • The multi-channel telemetry system reads signals from 8 thermocouples or RTDs and provides the measured temperature data to any external data acquisition system.

  • Special signal conditioning accepts both grounded and ungrounded thermocouples. Open or shorted thermocouples are automatically detected. Programmable gain signal conditioning and optional transmitter temperature monitoring is on board.

  • A special sensor connection interface makes the installation and hook-up easy. This feature enables the system to be swapped in a few minutes from one instrumented test item to another.


We can provide standard and customised short-range telemetry solutions for a number of high-speed applications so if you have an application requiring instrumentation please contact us. 

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