NEW Colour MultiLED MX Lamps

10th November 2023:

New coloured MX LED lights

New coloured MX LED lights

Over the last few years the MultiLED MX lamp heads from GS Vitec have established themselves as the go to lights for high-speed photographic applications across the world. Photo-Sonics International Ltd. are pleased to announce that these are now available in select colours. 

Warm White, Blue, Green, Photo Red, and Near-Infrared versions of the MultiLED MX are now available.

High power colour LED lights have various applications,  key amongst these is the illumination of Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) experiments where colour light can make visible the particles seeded into the flow stream.  Here the low cost of the colour MultiLED MX lamps, when compared to expensive laser systems, and superior reliability, makes them the go to solution.

For Tomographic PIV, the use of pulsed Red, Green, and Blue LED light are often used. The same colours are also used in Particle Shadow Velocimetry (PSV), a proven and effective alternative to PIV that uses light scattered from seeding particles and techniques to register the shadows of the particles instead.

Due to a lower phosphor content in the LEDs, the colour MX lamps also have a significantly quicker rise and fall time than the MX White, permitting a shortest useable pulse time of 100 nanoseconds.

The following colours are now available for the MultiLED MX lamp:

Colour Wavelength Output
95 CRI White Warm white 30,000 Flux (lm)
Blue 440 - 460 nm 180,000 Flux (mW)
Green 520 - 540 nm 42,000 Flux (mW)
Photo Red 640 - 670 nm 131,000 Flux (mW)
NiR ~810 nm 109,000 Flux (mW)
NiR ~850 nm 100,000 Flux (mW)
NiR ~940 nm 108,000 Flux (mW)


Visit our MultiLED MX product page for further information.